The band takes its name from a town in Mississippi that is home to Hirsberg’s Drugstore, where many classic blues artists would play to passers-by from its porch. It is said that it was here, Muddy Waters heard Robert Johnson playing and was so intimidated by his talent, that he left town. It is this lore which has inspired the band to adopt the name of this legendary town. Friars Point is gaining momentum and their performances perpetuate a strong following of loyal fans.

Friars Point band members have live performance experience which is unparalleled… Their individual resumes include performing on the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Nashville Tennessee circuits and dates back as far as 1975. Friars Point features The Queen of the Lehigh Valley Blues Scene, Miss Bev Conklin on lead vocals and their rock solid rhythm section featuring Pat Powers (harmonica, guitar & vocals), Chris London (lead guitar & vocals), Jim Baldwin (bass guitar), Karl Frick (Hammond organ & piano) and Brian Berlanda (drums, percussion & vocals).

“Pennsylvania’s Hottest Contemporary Blues Band”